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Flight Training

Are you ready to take flight and experience the exhilarating freedom of the skies?

Vegas Aviation’s comprehensive pilot training program is your ticket to fulfilling your dreams of becoming a certified pilot.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or want to soar above the clouds professionally, our program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the skies safely and proficiently.

Vegas Aviation Pilots

Private Pilot Training

From mastering the fundamentals of flight to understanding aviation regulations and procedures, our expert flight instructors will guide and mentor you every step of the way.  Earn your Private Pilot’s License (PPL) in a supportive environment where safety is our top priority.

  • Proven blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experience.
  • Work at YOUR pace and learning style.
  • Supportive culture where safety is our #1 priority.

Instrument Rating

Ready to elevate your piloting skills to new heights? Our Instrument Rating Training Program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and proficiency needed to navigate the skies with precision and confidence, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Increase confidence as you expand your flying skill set.
  • Acquire the advanced skills required to fly solely by instruments.
  • Learn to proficiently navigate through clouds, low visibility and adverse weather conditions.

Commercial Pilot Training

Do you want to turn your passion for flying into a rewarding career in aviation? Our Commercial Flight Training Program is your gateway to the exciting world of professional piloting, where the skies are your office and the possibilities are endless.

  • Advanced training and skills development.
  • Increase your earnings potential as you open up a wide range of career opportunities in aviation.
  • Legally accept payment for flying passengers, cargo, or charter operations.



Aircraft Maintenance

From annual inspections to specialty work, our expert team of licensed mechanics are here 7 days a week to keep your aircraft flying safely. We are fully equipped to work on piston and jet-driven aircraft of all categories and classes.

For our Flight School students, on-site maintenance means increased fleet safety and flight training availability.

Aircraft Rental

Take to the skies with our premier airplane rental service. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a novice enthusiast, our meticulously maintained fleet of Cessna 172’s and Beechcraft airplanes are ready to take you to new heights.

Flight Simulator

Our Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) enables aspiring pilots to build confidence, and log hours regardless of the weather. Experienced pilots can stay current for a fraction of the cost.

Discovery Flight

Experience the joy of flying an aircraft with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor!  This is the best way to determine if becoming a pilot is right for you.


  • From the flight school to the maintenance, I will only bring my personal plane here for a reason. Mechanics are on top of their work and would highly. Their rental... read more

    Weston Prince Avatar Weston Prince

    Vegas Aviation has it all. Great planes, awesome training, and the industries best maintenance and repair. They offer pilot training for all levels of students, airplane rentals that are maintained... read more

    Ray Greene Avatar Ray Greene

    These guys have been great to work with for my limited flights. Thanks so much!

    Eric Hill Avatar Eric Hill

    Adrian took me in a course, and showed me the basics of flying instruction, and with great patience and friendly of making me understand the course clearly. Definitely convinced... read more


    Student here great school excellent instructors, great environment

    Hunter Rutherford Avatar Hunter Rutherford

    I have been to few different school in Vegas, but Vegas Aviation is the best flight school ever. One of the thing I love about Vegas Aviation is that they... read more

    Takemi Matsuda Avatar Takemi Matsuda
  • Awesome Flight school! Everyone here is friendly and super helpful. Amber is an amazing instructor, she is super responsive and wants the best for you. She has a... read more

    Conrad Chi Avatar Conrad Chi

    I’ve moved a couple times because of work and kept up with my flight growing as I did and Vegas Aviation was the best school by far!

    Michael Motta Avatar Michael Motta

    Great staff, instructors and maintenance team. Would recommend if anyone is interested in flight training in Vegas 🙌

    Heather Richards Avatar Heather Richards

    Very happy with the instruction!

    Matt Hennager's Guitar Lessons Avatar Matt Hennager's Guitar Lessons

    I started off my flight training at a different location. There was nothing wrong with it, but it just felt like more school. I found my way to Vegas Aviation,... read more

    David Kincaid Avatar David Kincaid

    Reached out to Vegas Aviation to arrange a short sightseeing flight with my family and we had a blast. The team was very professional and the CFI who flew with... read more

    Eloy Jerviz Avatar Eloy Jerviz
  • I love this people , they are fare and great to work with.they manage my Cirrus SR22 and alway on top of their game with maintenance & service. ... read more

    Kam Avatar Kam

    I’ve got to say that Vegas aviation is by far the BEST flight school in the valley. I used to train at cactus but after making the switch, I wouldn’t... read more

    Michael Delk Avatar Michael Delk

    Got all my certs here and definitely one of the best schools with amazing CFIs! Highly recommend 🙂

    Coffee Fiend Avatar Coffee Fiend

    Went on a couple flights with Vegas to learn the area and flying around Class B. The instructor, Haylee was great! She was knowledgeable, professional and made navigating the... read more

    Pete Avatar Pete

    This place is awesome. The owner, Louis, is not above rolling up his sleeves, so to speak, and working hand in hand along side his employees. Shout out... read more

    Kevin Matsumoto Avatar Kevin Matsumoto

    Highly recommend for anyone in search of flight instruction. Flight instructors here are awesome and the whole environment is nothing like what I’ve seen in other flight schools. Very relaxed... read more

    Hieu Avatar Hieu
  • Adrian was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable, I love planes and thought certain things would come naturally and it didn’t but he assured me my passion... read more

    ron johnson Avatar ron johnson

    This is the best flight school in Nevada hands down. Everyone at Vegas Aviation has been so welcoming and beyond knowledgeable. David Modler is a top tier instructor! I would... read more

    Abby Wyszomirski Avatar Abby Wyszomirski

    I highly recommend Vegas aviation flight school to anyone looking to learn flying from scratch or getting another rating. They are flexible and work with your learning needs. Having their... read more

    Jasin B Avatar Jasin B

    Did a discovery flight yesterday and had THE best experience. Dario and Luis were amazing!! Professional, friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to start my journey at Vegas Aviation.

    Aurelie Nicolas Avatar Aurelie Nicolas

    Im a newer student at Vegas Aviation and i cant ask for anything more in a flight school. The planes are very clean and well maintained by in house mechanics.... read more

    radek fritz Avatar radek fritz

    I moved here recently and needed to get checked out at a flight school. Initially I chose Vegas Aviation because it seemed the most normal. After a quick and easy... read more

    Mikey Trahan Avatar Mikey Trahan
  • I went to Vegas Aviation looking to finish my Multi-Engine add on and become recurrent in instrument flight after about 5 years away from general aviation. I was paired with... read more

    Ryan W Avatar Ryan W

    A great flight school. My instructor, Amber, is very knowledgeable, patient with me, and a joy to fly with. She’s perfectly happy to go at whatever pace I’m comfortable... read more

    Matthew Watson Avatar Matthew Watson


    Zombie Jr Avatar Zombie Jr

    This was my first flight experience in Vegas. I called and asked about aircraft rentals and they were very friendly and professional on the phone. The facility is great! Clean... read more

    jeff underwood Avatar jeff underwood

    Fleet of smooth flying and reliable planes. I never had a problem getting a plane to train in. With their multiple planes and in-house mechanics, you will never... read more

    V P Avatar V P

    One of the best flight schools in Vegas! Their airplanes are up to date with modern avionics and prices are some of the best in the valley! Plus they have... read more

    Hans Bafna Avatar Hans Bafna
  • If you are looking for an amazing CFI check Haylee out! I cannot tell you get level of professionalism and over kind heart is everything anyone could ask for in... read more

    Living Niecey Avatar Living Niecey

    Fantastic service! Had my transponder replaced in a day because the buttons on the old one weren't working, so I couldn't switch out of VFR to pick up VFR Flight... read more

    Ross Modglin Avatar Ross Modglin

    Great School to learn How to fly ! Haylee was extremely friendly and seems very knowledgeable on a aviation . Can’t wait to get ! back there to finish... read more

    Zak Bay Avatar Zak Bay

    Adrian was a amazing instructor and he made me feel very comfortable with being behind the yoke, I found a new passion with aviation and I'm excited to learn more.

    Joseph Avatar Joseph

    Fantastic flight with Haylee. Great fun and super accommodating CFI. Came out for a trip while I was a student and got to give a private tour of the... read more

    Jason Costa Avatar Jason Costa

    This was my first ever flight adventure here with Vegas Aviation! Our pilot Alex, who’s an amazing pilot, definitely made it an impeccable experience. While on the flight, we learned... read more

    Alodia Avatar Alodia
  • My brother came to Vegas Aviation to inquire about renting a plane to fly over Red Rock National Park. He is a pilot in Illinois. The staff at Vegas Aviation... read more

    Cheri N Avatar Cheri N

    Came from Australia for a U.S. holiday and some pilot-sightseeing. Did a checkflight here and then took one of their 172’s out to the canyon. Great work by their team... read more

    Andrew Gellert Avatar Andrew Gellert

    I’m not local and need a flight school to help with a one-off instructional flight. I’ve been a CFI for 20 years and have seen a wide variety of flight... read more

    Josh Lorenz Avatar Josh Lorenz

    Amazing school, low prices, and the best instructors. They really care about improving their students development.

    Holly Kirchberg Avatar Holly Kirchberg

    If you’re looking for a flight school out in Las Vegas or in the nation then I highly recommend Vegas Aviation!!!! The owner of the school is all about paying... read more

    a k Avatar a k

    Knocked out my Multi Engine Land Rating with CFI Richard. Fantastic professionalism all around by the staff with solid airport security precautions. Excellent amenities and well maintained offices and briefing... read more

    Brandon Lagos Avatar Brandon Lagos
  • It’s been a great experience. The planes are kept in a great condition, my flight instructor Adrian is really patient and cares about teaching. Definitely a great choice.

    Gustavo Gutiérrez Avatar Gustavo Gutiérrez

    After looking into all the fight schools in Vegas, I decided on Vegas Aviation and I am happy with my decision! Adrian is very knowledgeable and a great teacher! Him... read more

    Michael Colley Avatar Michael Colley

    Haylee has been great to work with as I move forward with my journey to get my private pilots license!

    John T Avatar John T

    Great experience, instructor is top notch and the plane was in good condition.

    Ben Cadenbach Avatar Ben Cadenbach

    One of the best flight schools in Vegas! Their airplanes are up to date with modern avionics and prices are some of the best in the valley! Plus they have... read more

    David Modler Avatar David Modler

    Vegas Aviation is great! Their instructors (especially Haylee, she's AWESOME) are super knowledgeable and nice and they focus all their attention on the student. This is the way to go... read more

    Aleem Ahmed Avatar Aleem Ahmed
  • Hands down best flight school in Las Vegas. They have the best flight instructors, staff, planes, and service in the industry. I have been working on my private pilot license... read more

    Daniel Miller Avatar Daniel Miller

    A huge shoutout to this amazing flight school! Got checked out in a 172, very quick process and great customer service. I highly recommend going here!

    Mahd Obeid Avatar Mahd Obeid

    Vegas aviation is the perfect place if you want to test out your flight dreams. You start with one discovery flight and end up sticking with them because they make... read more

    Alla Avatar Alla

    Been searching for a really good flight school here in Vegas and this is so far the best one! They have everything you need esp when it comes to part... read more

    Kate Shanice Gabini Avatar Kate Shanice Gabini

    With out a doubt the best aviation school in Vegas! The team clearly takes pride in what they do! Adrian, takes the time to explain everything as best as... read more

    Egg Avatar Egg

    Vegas Aviation flight instructing is second to none! Finishing up my PPL with Haylee has been a fun and rewarding journey! She is extremely patient, understanding, and calm/cool as a... read more

    Eugenio Guerrero Avatar Eugenio Guerrero
  • I have always wanted to learn how to fly but there was always something that got in the way. Earlier this year I decided to commit and finally make this... read more

    Anna G Avatar Anna G

    As someone who was just looking for a place to begin in aviation, I highly recommend Vegas Aviation. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and communicative. As a student,... read more

    Myke Law Avatar Myke Law

    Vegas aviation is truly the best place to fly on Las Vegas. Great planes with great mechanics. Everyone has been so nice including the instructors like Haylee who can help... read more

    Bryce Cleven Avatar Bryce Cleven

    Had a great fly today with Rylan! Great club with well maintained aircrafts.

    Guy Strauss Avatar Guy Strauss

    Great place to learn how to fly!!

    Brad Sh Avatar Brad Sh

    Great place to rent from or learn to fly! Currently, they have a fleet of 3 Cessna 172N aircraft and a simulator. Aircraft are always maintained and also have upgraded... read more

    Dylan Girouard Avatar Dylan Girouard


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