If it flies, we can fix it.

From annuals to specialty work our team of A&P and IA mechanics are here to keep your aircraft up and flying while saving you money. We’re fully equipped to work on piston and jet-driven aircraft of all categories and classes.

We take no shortcuts in ensuring that your aircraft is safe and legal to fly.

We do all required inspections in addition to specialty work such as; avionics installations, panel upgrades, reskinning, sheet metal work, interior and upholstery, and much more. We do it all!

Our friendly and knowledgeable maintenance staff will keep you informed every step of the way. Transparency is one of our core values, which means that if there are any issues, you’ll be the first to know.

Our Maintenance Rates

At Vegas Aviation, we strive to maintain competitive rates that set us apart from our competitors. We recognize that owning and operating an aircraft can be expensive, so we do our best to keep your maintenance costs low.

  • Piston Aircraft $100/hr.
  • Turbine Aircraft $120/hr.

  • Avionics $110/hr.

  • Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) $120/hr.

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