Aircraft Rental

The best there is in Las Vegas.

Vegas Aviation’s rental aircraft fleet consists of three Cessna 172N Skyhawks. We also have a Beechcraft Duchess available for multi-engine training. Our friendly in-house maintenance team swiftly addresses our rental and training aircraft’s needs. That means our aircraft uptime is the undisputed best in Las Vegas!

Pricing Information

Cessna 172N (8x)

$ 165
per hour
  • Dual Garmin G5 EFIS
  • Garmin 430W GPS
  • We have four of them!

Beechcraft Duchess

$ 425
per hour
  • Training toward commercial pilot airplane multi-engine land rating.
  • Focus on fast, but thorough transition to multi-engine aircraft.
  • Dual Garmin G5 EFIS and Garmin 430W GPS

*Please be aware that all aircraft rentals are subject to a checkout conducted by a Vegas Aviation flight instructor. While there is no hourly minimum for the checkout, the maneuvers covered are at the instructor’s discretion.


**Renters must also carry a non-owned aircraft/renter’s insurance policy that covers aircraft damage liability of at least $50,000, however, we recommend you carry what you can afford. We recommend Avemco or AssuredPartners as we have found these to be the most affordable, but you may use any insurance carrier you choose to meet this requirement.

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